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The Fall of Tenochtitlan

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How to master Spanish


You’ve studied a bit of Spanish. Or maybe you’ve studied a lot. But you’re still not where you want to be. Your brain knows what to say, but sometimes your tongue feels heavy, clumsy.

You’re embarrassed when you speak. You hear your accent and think “Why do I still sound like that?”

Or maybe you’re plateauing. Maybe you’re not getting better. You’ve been stuck at the same fluency level for WAY too long.

I understand what you’re going through. I’ve been down that same road.

Instead of stumbling in the dark, let me help you.

If you’re past the honeymoon phase with Spanish, then you’re rapidly approaching the point where most people give up.

I created How to Master Spanish for people like you, people who are serious about getting fluent.


What exactly is How to Master Spanish?

It’s a collaboration between me and a Spanish teacher here in Oaxaca. It consists of 24 lessons that will help you push past the obstacles in your way.

These are lessons I had to pay a very high price to learn. But you don’t have to pay the same price I paid. I’ll just give you the answers.

The lessons are audio and text in English and Spanish.

I recorded the English parts, and Citlalli, the Spanish teacher, recorded the Spanish parts.

As an added bonus, when you join the course you get the Mexican Spanish Master Course [MSMC] for free.

MSMC might be even cooler than How to Master Spanish. It’s 90 minutes of audio and video, 200+ Mexican slang words. I could go on for pages and pages about MSMC. It’s the perfect companion for How to Master Spanish.

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echoes of the maya

Two friends sailed to Central America in 1839 looking for evidence of a lost civilization. Their journey took them through countries torn by civil war and controlled by bandits and rebels. When they weren't being held hostage, contracting malaria, or meeting Presidents and guerrilla leaders, they found themselves among mystifying ancient cities slowly being reclaimed by nature. Elaborately carved stone statues were buried by time, and massive pyramids were covered with incomprehensible hieroglyphics.

These two men were pivotal in the rediscovery of the Mayan civilization. Their books inspired generations of archaeologists to excavate and preserve Mayan sites like Chichen Itza, Palenque, and Tulum. And their illustrations were so accurate that they have been used to help decode the Mayan language even though the original stone hieroglyphics have been effaced and worn away.

Their names are John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood. They have been largely forgotten, but their story and their thrilling adventure is worth remembering.


The fall of tenochtitlan

Hernan Cortes was an ambitious, brutal man. His rival, Moctezuma, was the emperor of one of the world's largest cities. Cortes stops at nothing to bring the entire kingdom to its knees. This is one of history's most shocking events, and everyone in Tenochtitlan finds themselves confronted with the most dangerous threat they've ever encountered.

Why and how did Rome fall? Or Athens? Or so many other great civilizations? We don't really know. But with Tenochtitlan we know exactly what happened. This is that story.


How to master spanish

What does it REALLY take to get fluent? This book will show you. If you want proven strategies, jump in. If you want to "hack" your way to fluency, please go away.

This book is not about "language hacking." You will not get fluent in 2 weeks. I'm not here to sell you comforting lies about how easy the process is. It is not easy. It's hard. It took me decades to get fluent. It might not take you decades, but it WILL take longer than you want, and it will take longer than any language hacker "guru" would ever admit.

Buy it, don't buy it. That's up to you. This book costs almost nothing. If the price is too high for you, you should ask yourself whether you're actually committed to learning Spanish, because I promise you that the price of true fluency is SO MUCH MORE than a few dollars for a book. If the lessons sound too intense or too boring, you should reconsider whether fluency is something you really want.

The journey to fluency is not for weak people. It's not for lazy people. But if you are serious about it, (or if you're unsure) buy this book and read about what it TRULY takes to get fluent. The journey is not for everyone. You've been warned.