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Get an in=depth look at the history and culture of Mexico.

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The Fall of Tenochtitlan

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Mezcal 101 by Max Garrone (

Mezcal Dogma by Alvin Starkman (

The Mexican Revolution

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The Mexican Spanish Master Course


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Go deep with mexican slang and culture

The Mexican Spanish Master Course is an absurdly in-depth breakdown of Mexican slang. This is stuff that they don't teach in formal classes.

So why should you care? Because you will be able to:

Massively improve your Spanish.

Condense years of learning into days.

Learn in your free time. (The program comes with mp3 files so you can listen in your car, on the bus, at the gym, or wherever)

Fit in with the locals immediately and get invitations that most gringos miss out on.

Sound 471% more Mexican (with word-for-word example sentences)

Understand conversations more deeply. (Ironically, the little things make up a huge part of conversation. Each country and region has its own distinct linguistic flavor.)

Swear like a salty, salty, salty sailor. (The profanity section alone is 20 minutes.)

What's in the course?

90 minutes of downloadable audio/video lessons (.mp4 and .avi)

200+ Mexican slang words and culture-specific words

Over 70 example sentences that you can use right away

230 PowerPoint slides

40 pages of printable notes with nearly 10,000 words (PDF)


But it's not all puppy dogs and rainbows

The Mexican Spanish Master Course is not for you if:

You speak zero Spanish. (This course will not teach you how to conjugate verbs.)

You're desperate to be fluent immediately. (This course will not make you fluent.)


But if those 2 points don't scare you away, let me guide you through the unique parts of Mexican Spanish that teachers rarely discuss.

Formal classes don’t have enough time to teach you all the little intricacies of Mexican Spanish even if your teacher is Mexican. They just can't. They tend to focus on a generalized international Spanish, and they focus more on Castilian than anything else.

If you’re planning to go to Mexico, this course will help you see deeper into the conversations.

There are lots of people with blogs and YouTube channels where they talk about the 10 MOST MEXICAN WORDS EVER OMG. Those videos and blogs are fine. They're like candy. Sometimes candy is what you want. But sometimes you want a serious, nutritious meal.

This program is a meal.

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