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Now you have a few options.

1- Download the free PDF. Click here

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What’s the difference? Option 1 is exactly what you’d expect. It’s a free PDF that will give you the basic mindset required (yes, REQUIRED) to learn any language.

Option 2 is a more robust version of Option 1. It’s filled with lessons that took me years and years to learn. I’ve been learning Spanish for about 20 years. I can show you exactly how to dominate Spanish. Buy the book and get started.

Option 3 is simply too much for most people. It has everything that the ebook has and more. It’s text AND audio in English AND Spanish. If you are less than 95% certain you want to learn Spanish, don’t join. It’s not for most people. It will kick your ass.

You’re still reading. I like you. We’re pretty far down, and you’re still here getting more information.

So I’ll let you in on a little secret:

A lot of what I do is designed to weed out lazy people. Most of the people who join my email list just want the free PDF. That’s fine. I’m happy to give it to them. But they will never learn Spanish. They just don’t have what it takes.

What it takes is dedication.

By definition, those people are not dedicated, because they’re not here. They’re not reading this. They downloaded the free PDF, started reading it, got bored, and went back to YouTube.

They “want to learn Spanish,” but not if it requires any effort. And since it obviously does require effort, they’re screwed.

So here’s the second and final secret:

You can try the full How To Master Spanish course, and if you decide it wasn’t amazing, you can get a refund, no questions asked.

You can take the whole course and then decide whether it was worth it.

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